Large Scale Cooling Tower Automatic Water Treatment System
Integrated electro-deposition, electro-chlorination and electro-oxidation with self-cleaning mechanism for large scale cooling towers

CQM’s SRCT-LS employs the latest technologies to provide the best solution for ongoing cleaning, scale prevention, organic fouling removal and saves water. SRCT-LS is cost effective and environment friendly. With SRCT-LS chemical treatment is not required. This allows operation of cooling towers at higher cycles of concentration than allowed by chemical treatment. SRCT-LS can save up to 50% of blow-down water. This savings can be extended up to 100%, since water contains no chemicals so blow-down water can be re-used for irrigation or general services.

SRCT-LS patented self-cleaning mechanism reduces maintenance costs and provides automatic and continuous water treatment at optimal efficiency.


  • Replaces chemical treatment.
  • Reduces water consumption by operating at large cycles of concentration.
  • 100% of blow-down water can be reused.
  • Automatic self-cleaning mechanism for continuous, optimized water treatment.
  • 100% water disinfection preventing growth of legionella, bacteria and algae.
  • Creates an alkaline pH environment that prevents corrosion.
  • Low operating and maintenance costs.
  • Robust construction with long service life.
  • Automatic and reliable turnkey system.

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System Specifications – Capacity up to 1,200 m3/h

System Specifications – Capacity up to 3,750 m3/h

System Specifications – Capacity 9,000 m3/h and above

* Depend on the chloride level of the treated water



Description and Data Sheet

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