The system is connected in parallel to the cooling circuit.  Working in the same principle as the human kidney, it treats a small portion of the circulating water.

This mode of operation has been shown to be very efficient in cooling towers water conditioning, and prevents the use of much larger systems to treat all of the water at once.

The system has been successfully installed in over 1,000 installations worldwide. A few examples:

In cases where water can be re used, the blow down conductivity does not need be changed. This is the case at Sea & Sun and Matam Haifa where SRCT systems were installed in 2005, the blow down water is used directly for irrigation, and all of the water is reused. Virtually all of the blow down water is saved.

At the Mall Plaza Egaña, in Santiago Chile where the SRCT was installed in 2014 “….allowed to dispense with the use of chemicals and maximize the water concentration cycles. The system has managed to maintain the internal structure of the cooling tower free of dirt, contributing to the efficiency in the production of cold, and increase in the useful life of the equipment.”

water treatment CQM

An audit made in 2008 in Japan among 30 customers showed that several systems were working at a conductivity of 4,500 µS/cm and enjoying savings on chemicals and water.