Secure and Hassle-free On-Site Chlorine Generation

SRCL on-site chlorine generation equipment, employs the latest technologies to generate chlorine for commercial and industrial applications. Basically, it functions as chlorination system for drinking water.

SRCL generates chlorine and other powerfull oxidants by electrolyzing the water’s natural salts or using a brine solution. The systems produce chlorine onsite and on demand. Unlike purchased hypochlorite, the production on demand means that the chlorine content in the water can be automatically maintained to desired levels without the concerns of hypochlorite pellets availability, supply and storage.

Secure, environmentally safe and hassle-free

CQM’s SRCL avoids the concern over the transport, handling and storage of chlorine gas and purchased hypochlorite.

The equipment has been designed to accommodate all applications for municipal and industrial use, and can be customized for installation as required.

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Operation Characteristics

  • Automatic and reliable turnkey system.
  • Continuously generates chlorine as required.
  • Avoids the need of chemicals and dosing equipment.
  • Controls and kills bacteria, prevents growth of algae.
  • Configurable according to the existing water quality.
  • Requires no additives or consumables.
  • Robust long life.
  • Controls and kills bacteria, prevents growth of algae.
  • Absolutely environmentally safe.

SRCC is suitable for

  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Industries
  • Power plants



Description and Data Sheet

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