An explosion proof, redundant 18″ ATCS installed at NUEVO PEMEX GAS PROCESSING PLANT IN TABASCO, maintains optimal condensate vacuum for efficient performance of a gas turbo-compressor. The system recirculates sponge balls through the condenser tubes at set intervals and maintains them free of scale.

cooling towers process


Surface steam condenser of a turbine driving a residual gas compressor in a gas processing plant in the South of Mexico




The surface condenser would gradually get clogged by scale and silt and the steam condensing capacity became diminished to the point that steam flow would need to be increased significantly to keep the turbine working.
The condenser required to stop the process to perform costly manual cleaning of the tubes that entailed about a week of cleaning work. Cleaning the condenser once every two years did not correct the situation, as it would get clogged again soon after each cleaning.


Since C.Q.M.’s ATCS was installed in December 2010, no manual cleaning has been required, and the condensate vacuum has been maintained to the design level. Significant savings in the steam flow produced an ROI of less than one year.

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