Rambam Health Care Campus

Date: june10, 2019

Located in Israel’s north, the Rambam Health Care Campus is a one thousand bed academic hospital that provides comprehensive medical services for adults and children in all fields of medicine.

We searched for a solution to prevent Legionella Bacteria growth in our sanitary hot water systems for a long time. Prior to CQM’s SRLB we tried another manufacturer’s electro chlorination systems as well as Chlorine Dioxide dosage systems. We were not satisfied with the ease of use and more importantly the disinfection level provided by those systems.

Following their successful implementation at other hospitals, we installed CQM SRLB systems to the sanitary hot water circuits to all three of our buildings for sanitary hot water disinfection at the hospital in 2015. Hot water use includes at our Hematology department, considered to be the department with patients most sensitive to infections.

The Ministry of Health requires monthly testing for Legionella at five randomly selected points of use of hot water including the end point of the returning hot water. Since the installation of CQM systems we had no positive counts of Legionella in any of our hot water systems in any those tests.

We are totally satisfied with the use of CQM systems in the hospital, and decided to install three additional systems in 2019 for the new extensions made to the hospital.

I will be happy to provide additional information regarding the use of those systems.

Name:              Tzachi Abramovich

Title:                 Hospital Maintenance Engineer

Tel:                   +972 50 2016036

Email:               t_abramovich@rmc.gov.il