The Park Lane is one of the most splendid hotels located in Causeway Bay, next to Victoria Park. The chiller plant of the hotel have a total of 1500 tonnage cooling capacity and are served by 3 x 500RT water cooled chiller. The condensing system is using fresh water cooling tower.
As the condenser is an important component in the chilled water system, the operating condition of the condenser is the key factor that affects the efficiency of the unit. However, the condenser will be seriously deteriorated by the debris and foulants accumulated in the tubes of the condensers. When fouling and scaling in the condenser increase, the heat transfer efficiency will be decrease, resulting in more power consumption of the chiller.
The Engineering Department of the hotel identified the above problem and started to install an automatic tube cleaning system called “CQM” for chiller #1 in October 2003. The system has been running for 12 months. Feedback from operators and engineers are good, which can be easily reflected by:
1. Refrigerant Temperature is closer to the condenser water leaving temperature than before.
2. Less frequent for manual cleaning.
From the above facts, operation cost of the condenser will be lower. In fact, the condenser is maintaining its cleanliness, therefore the heat transfer is more efficient which result is energy saving. In this report, logged system data will be used for energy study and the substantial
cost saving can be obtained.


The objective of this report is to calculate the energy saving of the chiller that “CQM” has installed. It is then used to evaluate the Return on Investment for chiller #2 and chiller #3 that “CQM” had not been installed yet.

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