Condenser Ball cleaning systems.

Year of installation: 2010

CQM water treatment

A system was installed at the condenser of a coal operated 300 mW unit at the Changxing plant. A second system using a ball cleaning system from a well known manufacturer  was used as reference in a comparative performance study that lasted for 18 months.

Both condensers were cleaned and operated under the same conditions. Results of the study are as follows:

  • Data collected showed that the unit using CQM’s ATCS system required 0.9 gram /kW of coal less than the other unit.
  • Unlike the other condenser, cleaning factor was preserved, all tubes stayed clean, and no balls were lost at the unit using CQM’s ATCS system
  • As the result of the better performance and clear savings, three additional units of CQM’s ATCS system were installed at Changxing, replacing the existing ball cleaning system.
cooling tower water treatment
condenser cleaning

CQM systems installation videos at the power plant are below