Power Plant: AEM Torino Italy, combined cycle

Condenser Ball cleaning systems. Year of installation: 2005

A 72″ ATCS-Power Plants installed at the AEM TORINO – CENTRALE MONCALIERI delivers heat transfer optimization to the plant’s steam condenser. The system recirculates rubber balls through the condenser’s tubes at set intervals with zero losses to maintain them free of fouling and conserve optimal heat transfer.


Power plant steam condenser


ATCS-Power Plants


The 72″ ATCS-Power Plants system was installed in 2005 in the combined cycle power plant, to optimize condensation of the steam which feeds the 133 MW Siemens turbine.


By keeping the condenser tubes free from fouling deposited by the river’s cooling water flow, the turbine achieves higher availability and the steam consumption is reduced.

Tubes are perfectly clean and the system works at satisfaction since the commissioning, as IREN ENERGIA Moncalieri Italy ATCS.