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Bnai-Zion Rothschild Hospital


Required an effective means to remove legionella from the hot water circuit. Installation of CQM’s innovative SR-BL bactericide and legionella disinfection system delivered legionella and bacteria free water without need of increasing water temperature.


Disinfection of the recirculating hot water even at the extreme and low velocity pipes without need to increase water temperature or addition of chemicals.


SRBL bactericide and legionella disinfection system.


Israel’s Ministry of Health requires hospitals to conduct periodic testing of the hot water to identify the levels of legionella. BNAI-ZION ROTHSCHILD HOSPITAL required an effective solution that avoided the need to increase water temperature above 60 °C, and which avoided the use of chemicals.


Since the installation of the SRBL, there’s a zero Legionella count in all tests.

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